Can I Have Anal Sex While Pregnant Without Hurting The Baby?

There are definitely some things to consider.

We got an interesting question in our mailbox that piqued The Doctor’s interest — will anal sex while pregnant hurt the baby?

This one comes from a nice lady who left her name “Anonymous.” Well, Doctor Buttstuff respects your right to anonymity but he’s glad to help. We’re gonna call you “Stacy.” Stacy says:

I’m six months pregnant and my husband and I have a healthy sexual relationship, but I have shied away from anal since about three months because it might hurt the baby. Is this true or can we safely go back to enjoying it? My hubby misses it LOL

So, can you have anal sex while pregnant?

The answer is “yes,” but there are some things to consider if you want to enjoy anal sex more while pregnant. BabyCenter notes that there are some exceptions and that you should have a doctor verify that you’re not dealing with any of this before you attempt anal sex while pregnant:

Hemorrhoids are more common and tend to become larger as pregnancy progresses. If you do have hemorrhoids – and if they’re bleeding and you have anal sex – you can lose a considerable amount of blood, which can endanger you and your baby.

If you have placenta previa (in which the placenta covers all or part of your cervix), anal sex may cause trauma to the placenta. This can happen as the penis in the anus thrusts against the cervix through the recto-vaginal septum, or if you have contractions as a result of orgasm. The trauma can cause bleeding that’s significant enough to endanger the pregnancy.

Just as when you’re not pregnant, you should never go from anal to vaginal sex without first washing his genitalia and changing condoms if you’re using one. Otherwise you put yourself at risk for bacterial vaginitis, and there’s some concern that this infection can cause preterm labor or make your water break early.

So should you have pregnant anal sex?

If you are healthy and not dealing with the issues above, have all the pregnant sex you want. If you are, don’t be afraid to ask your doctor if it’s safe to have pregnant anal sex. That’s his or her job to tell you this. If you want to be on the safe side, wait until you’re done recovering from the pregnancy and you’ll be able to enjoy anal sex more because you won’t be worrying.

Got a question burning in your loins? Need anal sex tips? The Doctor is here for you.

Remember that safe play is good play.


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